Tiana Collins

Tiana Collins

Tiana Collins is from Chicago. She is a Health Science major, health and wellness emphasis, and minoring in human development family science. After graduation, Tiana plans to attend nursing school, where she hopes to become a registered nurse before obtaining her Doctor of Nursing Practice in the future.

“Healthcare is constantly evolving and there will always be a need for nurses in the healthcare field because there is such a nurse shortage,” Tiana says. “Therefore, becoming a student within the School of Health Professions gives you the skills to thrive academically and professionally in your area of interest whether if it’s a clinical role or a non-clinical role.”

In addition to being a student ambassador, Tiana has been involved in campus organizations such as Mizzou Alternative Breaks, Find Your Identity in Nursing, and Minority Women in Medicine Association. In her free time, Tiana enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with friends, and volunteering.

What should make students choose Mizzou?

Students should choose Mizzou because at Mizzou we have the best faculty that really wants to see their students succeed. In addition to that Mizzou has great resources to help students throughout their college experience.

How did you choose your major?

I originally was a pre-nursing major who applied to the nursing school in the term of Spring 2020. However, I wasn’t accepted into the nursing school, so I began to brainstorm on my options on whether I would apply to the nursing school again or switch my major entirely. During my brainstorm, I began to research the degrees within the School of Health Professions and saw that my emphasis area was similar to the nursing major in terms of coursework that will help me prepare for nursing school.

What has been your favorite Mizzou memory?

My favorite Mizzou memory would be Tiger Walk when I was running through the columns my freshman year.

What’s your favorite Mizzou club/organization?

My favorite organization is the Find Your Identity in Nursing because it helps minority students who aspire to become nurses navigate through the nursing profession.

If you could give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen, what would it be?

That it’s okay for you to be undecided because lots of students come into college not knowing what career path they want to take. College helps explore your interests and find a field that you’re most passionate about.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study on campus would be Ellis Library because it is a great quiet place to study and get work done.