Avery Pickett

Avery Pickett

Avery Pickett is from Ashland, Missouri. She is a Health Science major with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Science. After earning her undergraduate degree, she plans to go to graduate school at Mizzou to get her doctorate in physical therapy. 

“I want to be able to make a difference in patients’ lives, especially in a way that I can help them improve their quality of life through therapy.” 

Avery is a part of the Pre-Physical Therapy Organization where she gets involved in different service opportunities and is able to learn more about the physical therapy profession. 

What made you choose Mizzou? 

I chose Mizzou not only because I wanted to stay close to home, but I also have always wanted to go into physical therapy and Mizzou has a really good Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

What is your best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students?

I would tell incoming CHS students to get involved because having people that you’re close with makes a big difference in college and makes hard times during the semester so much better. 

What is your favorite coffee spot in Columbia? 

My favorite coffee spot in Columbia is definitely Acola.  

What is your favorite Mizzou memory? 

My favorite Mizzou memory is when Mizzou beat K-state with a 61-yard field goal and then all of the students rushed the field.