Caroline Dunn


Caroline Dunn is from San Diego. She is a Health Science major with a Pre-professional emphasis. She plans to attend dental school after graduation.

Caroline’s advice for new students is to always use your planner, stay on top of your homework, and to make unforgettable memories while you are at college!

“College tends to get very busy, and you do not want to overbook yourself!” she says.“It is always helpful to use your planner and spread out your schoolwork and assignments.”

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to campus clubs and organizations,” she says. “There are so many cool opportunities and ways to get involved while being at Mizzou. You can really get involved in anything you can think of! You can even create your own club for something you are very passionate for. Getting involved is a great way to meet some amazing people.”

In addition to serving on the CHS Student Ambassador Leadership Team, Caroline is a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority and the Pre-dental club.

What made you choose Mizzou?

I chose Mizzou because of the representation and homey feel. I love the hands-on learning, supportive nature, and networking Mizzou has to offer. And lastly, I chose Mizzou because I love that it is a college town supporting a university.

How did you choose your major?

I knew I wanted to be a Dentist or specialize in some type of dentistry, and that lead me to health science. I love the classes you can take while being a health science major. There is so much variety and flexibility. I love that you can learn and study multiple different sciences in one major.

What’s your favorite Mizzou club/organization?

My top two favorite Mizzou clubs/organizations would be the SHP Student Ambassador Leadership Team and the pre-dental club. Being in both organizations surrounds yourself with amazing and talented people. I love being a part of both organizations.

If you could have dinner with one famous Mizzou graduate (or former student), who would it be and why?

I would love to have dinner with Brad Pitt because he is a really amazing actor, and I would be curious to get his perspective on the entertainment industry and how it impacts life and family.

What is your favorite ice cream/coffee shop in CoMo?

I love froyo, so I would have to go with Yogoluv!!