Corveanna Smith

Corveanna Smith, from Kansas City, Missouri, is a Health Science major with an emphasis in health and wellness. After graduation, she plans to work in Columbia for a few years and then eventually transition to a career as a traveling RT. 

Coreveanna advises incoming students to keep an open mind about the many opportunities that CHS has to offer and to utilize the available resources. “Mizzou cares about the success of their students in all areas of life and really want to support you in whatever you may need.”

In addition to serving on the CHS Student Ambassador Leadership Team, Coreveanna is a member of the IBCGospelChoir on campus. She was also a member of MU P.A.S.S., a mentorship program for local high school girls. 

Why did you choose to pursue a career in healthcare?  

I always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. I wanted to help people and I saw myself achieving that in this field. I know that people will always need healthcare providers so having job stability was important to me as well. 

What is your favorite ice cream spot in Columbia?

My favorite ice cream shop is Sparky’s because they always have new flavors of ice cream and I really love the environment inside of the shop. 

What is your favorite study spot on campus?

My favorite study spot is at Memorial Union in the lower level because it is almost always quiet and not a lot of people go down there.