Hannah Meystrik


Hannah Meystrik is a Speech, Language, and Hearing Science major from Jefferson City, Missouri. After college, she hopes to earn her master’s degree and eventually work as a speech-language pathologist. 

Hannah’s best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students would be to try everything. “Even if you do not end up loving everything you try, you can narrow it down until you find your place and people,” she says. “Do not be afraid to put yourself out there because you never know the wonderful opportunities that could be in store.” 

In addition to serving on the CHS Student Ambassador Leadership Team, Hannah is a member of Mizzou’s National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) Chapter.

Why should students choose Mizzou? 

Students should choose Mizzou because they understand the importance of academics as well as broadening social horizons. Mizzou is full of passionate professors who are willing to help students succeed as well as a variety of campus clubs and activities to help students grow their social community.

What is your favorite study spot on campus?

My favorite spot to study on campus is Memorial Union.

What is your favorite coffee spot in Columbia?

My favorite coffee spot in Columbia is tied between Toasty Goat and Acola. They both have delicious coffee and are great places to study.