Lauren Stroupe


Lauren Stroupe, from Columbia, Missouri, is a Clinical and Diagnostics Sciences – Nuclear Medicine major. After graduation, Lauren plans to work as a nuclear medicine technician before attending medical school. 

Lauren’s best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students is not to feel like you have to know what you are doing when the first day of classes rolls around. “Learn to go with the flow,” she says. “No matter how much you think you have it figured out, you don’t. Be open-minded, try new things, and welcome change. The more willing you are to take a backseat and let life take you down the path you are supposed to go, the more enjoyable the ride will be!” 

In addition to serving on the CHS Student Ambassador Leadership Team, Lauren is a CHS peer advisor. 

Why did you choose to pursue a career in healthcare?  

Growing up I would be in and out of the hospital a lot for various reasons and one thing I noticed is that there aren’t a lot of healthcare workers that look like me. This then established the idea of me pursuing a healthcare career. One thing that sold this career for me was the fact that being in healthcare means that I will participate in lifelong learning which is important for me so that my job stays interesting.

What is your favorite restaurant in Columbia? 

My favorite place to eat in Columbia is the pasta factory, the only bad part is it’s a little far away from campus

What is your favorite study spot on campus?

My favorite study spot on campus are the balconies in the student center, especially on a warm day!