Paige Alfeldt

Paige Alfeldt

Paige Alfeldt is a Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound major, from Oakville, Missouri. After graduation, Paige plans to work in either a hospital or an out-patient clinic. Eventually, she plans on going back to school. 

“I chose Mizzou because I loved the college town experience and because Mizzou had a lot of programs. I did not know what I wanted to do, so it was ideal for me to go somewhere I had plenty of options,” she says. “Once I started exploring the programs Mizzou had to offer I found the DMU program and took the DMU_1000 level class. After taking this class I knew the program was the ideal fit for me because it involved direct patient care and was flexible as a career. Ultrasound just caught my interest unlike any other program at Mizzou.” 

Paige is involved in Sigma Eta Rho, the College of Health Sciences professional fraternity. She is also involved in the Red Cross Club, which promotes and advocates for Red Cross Blood Drives across Columbia. 

What is your best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students?

My best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students is to get involved and explore. Most students, myself included, don’t know what they want their major to be. This can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming for freshmen. This is why I encourage everyone to go to the exploratory events hosted by CHS and join CHS clubs. Most majors have some sort of professional fraternity that you can join to really help understand the program and career path. I encourage them to get involved outside of that too, as it is the best way to make friends and socialize.

What dorm did you live in?

From freshman year to junior year, I lived in Bluford Hall. I love the rooms and the layout of Southwest Village, and it does not hurt to have a Starbucks and Mizzou Market right there. Since I lived on campus I also got the opportunity to work as a DA for ResLife, which was a great experience and also convenient for my busy schedule. 

What is your favorite study spot on campus?

My favorite study spot is the tables outside of Clark Hall by the playground. During the fall it is fantastic to study in the amazing weather. During the winter I can move inside and still get the natural lighting, which really helps me study.