Sara Rysavy

Sara Rysavy

Sara Rysavy is from Huntley, Illinois. She is a Health Science major with an emphasis in rehabilitation sciences. After graduation, she plans to apply to physical therapy schools. 

“I chose Mizzou because it instantly felt like a home when I visited for the first time. There is so much to get involved in at Mizzou and the opportunities are endless. The College of Health Sciences supported me and my goals since day one, and I felt I could be successful spending my college years here at Mizzou because of them.” 

Sara is currently a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority on campus and serves on their executive board as Vice President of Intellectual Development.

What is your best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students?

Get involved! Try new things! Get out of your comfort zone! Say yes to new opportunities! Mizzou has allowed me to do all of these things and I have grown so much as an individual because of it. Not only that, but I have made some amazing connections and lifelong friendships because of these things too.

What made you pursue a career in healthcare?

What made me want to pursue a career in healthcare is my drive to help others through a recovery process and getting them back out into the world fully healed. I have always been drawn to the human body as I find it extremely fascinating, so I knew healthcare would be the best field for me to pursue in my future.

What is your favorite coffee spot in Columbia? 

My favorite coffee spot in Columbia is Acola Coffee! I work as a barista there! 

What is your favorite Mizzou memory? 

My favorite Mizzou memory is Homecoming. I look forward to Homecoming every year because it is such a fun time as the whole campus comes together to celebrate and have a good time supporting the school we love.