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Dani Pevehouse-Pfeiffer: New faculty Q&A

Aug. 31, 2022

Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Social Work

What classes are you teaching this semester?  

7220 Advanced Social Work Practice in Integrated Healthcare 

What do you love about teaching? What are you most looking forward to this semester?  

This will be my first semester teaching master’s-level students and I’m excited about growing and fostering skill development in our future social workers. Part of why I enjoyed the Master of Social Work program so much was due in large part to the mentorship I received from my own professors and instructors. I’m looking forward to that relationship-building this semester most.  

Tell us a little about yourself! What is your background?  

I’m originally from Dallas, Texas, born and raised, but I moved to Columbia in 2010 to complete my undergraduate degree at MU. I graduated from the MU School of Social Work in 2017 and transitioned immediately into medical social work. I’ve been a licensed clinical social worker, focused on medical social work for the past six years where I’ve been fortunate enough to work for MU Health Care and Rusk during that timeframe.  

When you are not teaching, what are you up to?  

I am fortunate to be a 7-minute walk to the MKT trail and Twin Lakes dog park from my front door, which both of my dogs really appreciate. My spouse and I are typically working on home renovation projects most weekends, with the plan to start a bathroom overhaul soon. When I’m not spending time with my animals or completing projects, I enjoy reading (a lot).  

What brought you to Mizzou? To your field?  

I visited Mizzou with a friend and loved the campus. I was in the final semester of my associate degree and elected to transfer to Mizzou for my bachelor’s. My first job out of undergrad was with Children’s Division where I quickly realized I wanted to obtain my Master of Social Work.  

What is a fact about you that your students might not expect?  

I foster quite a few neonatal kittens every year. These kittens are typically around 5 days old and require bottle feedings and round-the-clock care. It’s exhausting but so fun! 

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