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Dr. Kim Kimchi Assumes Full-Time Role in Health Psychology

Feb. 17, 2021

Feb. 17, 2021
Congratulations to Dr. Kimberly Kimchi on her full-time position with the Department of Health Psychology! She previously held a visiting role. An Associate Clinical Professor, Dr. Kimchi serves as Director of Health Psychology Services, co-training director of the department’s doctoral psychology training program and director for behavioral health with the Weight Management and Metabolic Institute.
Dr. Kimchi’s clinical work in health psychology and neuropsychology is split between several departments in the hospital, primarily neurosurgery and general surgery-weight management. She meets with patients seeking treatment for a variety of emotional or behavioral difficulties such as anxiety, depression, or sleep difficulties. Dr. Kimchi often works with a patient’s family and treatment team for short-term interventions.  
“The work we do in the Department of Health Psychology is so important because we know that our physical and emotional health are intertwined,” Dr. Kimchi said.
As the behavioral health director for the Weight Management and Metabolic Institute, Dr. Kimchi provides psychological evaluations for adolescents and adults considering bariatric surgery. She is also developing evidence-based, individual and group, therapy treatment protocols for treating the behavioral and emotional obstacles to weight loss. 
“Helping patients understand that their emotions affect their behavior and physical health is key to improving their overall health and wellness,” Dr. Kimchi said
She also sees outpatients at the neuropsychology clinic to help determine whether they have a primary attention disorder, developmental learning disorder, or another medical diagnosis that is impacting their cognitive functioning.
Dr. Kimchi is taking on an exceptional workload through the DHP, and she welcomes the opportunity. 
The Department of Health Psychology is growing,” Dr. Kimchi said, “I look forward to expanding health psychology support to patients undergoing cancer treatment, managing chronic pain, or coping with challenging medical diagnoses and treatments.” 

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