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Health Sciences major named Intern of the Week

Feb. 25, 2021

Congratulations to Caleigh Achim, a Health Sciences major who was named Intern of the Week at Sprekk Supply Group (SSG)!

SSG is a medical technology company focused on accelerating the use of cutting-edge technologies for chronic pain treatments, specifically for neck and spine. 

In January, Achim started working for SSG as a medical device sales intern, where she learns about their products, devices and pain-managements strategies, creates sales presentations on the products, and gets hands-on experience pitching the products and devices in sales meetings with medical professionals and clients that SSG serves. 

“I have truly been privileged to have an experience to gain such valuable knowledge in both the sales and medical side of this field,” said Achim, a junior from Oak Brook, Illinois. “I can’t wait to continue growing in my position.”

Achim’s supervisor at SSG said, “Since the start of the program Caleigh has displayed her ability to quickly understand new concepts and reach out for clarification on the things she doesn’t know. She has continuously raised the level of her peers and leads by example.” 

Emily Mahler, instructor for the Internship in Health Science course, said “I was excited to hear about Caleigh’s hard work, passion and commitment to learning. We are very fortunate to work with both talented and driven students and industry leaders, such as SSG, with a strong commitment to mentoring.”

The Department of Health Sciences requires students to complete an internship before graduating. This course is designed to provide students interested in careers in health the opportunity to understand the industry and develop important professional skills. 

Read more about Caleigh’s experience and her future career aspirations.


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Emily Mahler

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