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Kristin McCowan receives award from Provost’s Office

Feb. 22, 2021

Feb. 22, 2021

Congratulations to to Kristin McCowan, assistant research professor in the School of Social Work, who received a $500 professional development award from the Office of the Provost in recognition of her active participation in The Huddle.

The Huddle is a new campus program that supports junior faculty of color. According to Show Me Mizzou, The Huddle includes 25 junior faculty members of color and 11 senior and retired faculty. The senior faculty provide coaching and mentoring to help the juniors think through career challenges such as achieving promotion and/or tenure, developing a work-life balance, navigating campus politics and more.

“This program is important because there’s a lot of unwritten knowledge about the challenges faculty of color face,” McCowan said. “Learning about the strategies and supports that have helped other faculty navigate such challenges is absolutely necessary.”

The group has monthly meetings that serve as an opportunity to share about their individual and collective experiences in a supportive, engaging environment.

“My experience thus far has been invaluable,” McCowan said. “As a new faculty member, I wanted to seize all the opportunities to connect with other junior faculty and learn how to successfully navigate the institutional context alongside other faculty of color.” 

Congratulations, again, Dr. McCowan! 

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