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Meet your student support team: Jody Lindsay

Jan. 22, 2024

Jody Lindsay
Jody Lindsay

Jody Lindsay

Hometown: I grew up in a couple different small towns in Kansas, but I don’t really consider either of them hometowns — especially since my family no longer lives there. 
Title: Academic advisor

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to hang out with my husband, crochet and watch movies, read, or bake!

What is the best thing about the College of Health Sciences?

The best thing about the College of Health Sciences is the people! The staff, faculty and students have all been great to work with during my short time so far in CHS.

If the CHS advising office hosted a show-and-tell tomorrow, what would you bring?

I would bring pictures of my family, a crochet project (or two), and cookies/scones/cinnamon rolls/pies … some kind of fun treat to share!  

What is the best piece of advice you received when you were a student?

I appreciate Maya Angelou’s quote: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” It reminds me I don’t have to get everything perfect (and I won’t) but that I need to keep learning and doing the next best thing I can. 

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Jody Lindsay

Jody Lindsay

Academic Advisor