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Meet your student support team: Nicolette Yevich

Jan. 22, 2024

Nicolette Yevich
Nicolette Yevich

Nicolette Yevich

Hometown: Northeast Pennsylvania
Title: Career services coordinator

 Where is your hometown?  

I am the proud daughter of a decorated United States Marine Corps veteran; I moved several times as I progressed through elementary and secondary education. I like to say “I’m a child of the world,” but home is where my immediate family is. While I did not spend my formative years there, Northeast Pennsylvania is where my family resides.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Quite honestly, I do not have any substantial quality free time as I’m putting all my effort into achieving a big life and professional goal that I have been working toward for several years.  When I do again have free time, I will work on home improvement projects, attend the Ragtag theater, read for fun, travel more, become a better baker and volunteer at the True/False Festival.

What is the best thing about the College of Health Sciences?

I’m still new to this college — I started in July 2022. I have enjoyed getting to know my colleagues, I feel that every day I’m learning new aspects about the academic programs and research happening in CHS. The best part of my work is helping students move toward their goals of helping others; learning more about the good that students want to put into the world makes me extremely optimistic about the future.

Nicolette Yevich’s nail art.
If the CHS advising office hosted a show-and-tell tomorrow, what would you bring?

I have an extensive indie nail polish collection, so I could excitedly discuss colors, brands, formulas, finishes, nail art techniques and nail care.

What is the best piece of advice you received when you were a student?

 The best piece of advice was to use my resources. This has served me well throughout my academic and professional career. I have encountered so many helpful people when I open myself up to asking questions and learning about the journey of others/seeking assistance/advice. People are generous with their time and stories about their path and knowledge.

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Nicolette Yevich

Nicolette Yevich

Career Services Coordinator