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MHA alums begin post-graduation administrative fellowships

July 3, 2024

Several recent graduates of the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree program in the Mizzou College of Health Sciences started administrative fellowships this summer with prestigious health care organizations.

Administrative fellowship programs allow graduates to grow professionally and prepare for future health care leadership roles. See below for a list of the four Mizzou MHA graduates completing administrative fellowships and what they hope to gain from the experience.

Madison Fox

Name: Madison Fox

Graduated: Spring 2024

Administrative Fellowship Location: Johns Hopkins Medicine

What do you most look forward to? My two years at Johns Hopkins Medicine will consist of many different rotations. I am looking forward to continued learning experiences during my fellowship.

Nazeema Khan

Name: Nazeema Khan

Graduated: Spring 2024

Administrative Fellowship Location: Saint Francis Health System

What do you most look forward to? Starting my fellowship at Saint Francis Health System, I am eager to learn first-hand how strategic decisions positively impact patient care and operational efficiency in a large-scale health system. I look forward to gaining valuable insights into health care leadership and innovation and contributing to initiatives to hone my ability to drive meaningful change in health care delivery and patient outcomes.

Eyob Teklesenbet

Name: Eyob Teklesenbet

Graduated: Spring 2024

Administrative Fellowship Location: NYU Langone Health

What do you most look forward to? What I’m looking forward to most as I start my fellowship is building upon my skills and knowledge on how to tackle and address complexities within a health care system. I’m also excited about the mentorship I will be under and the relationships I will build within the fellowship. 

Samuel Thurman

Name: Samuel Thurman

Graduated: Fall 2023

Administrative Fellowship Location: University of Missouri Health Care

What do you most look forward to? I’m most excited to learn about the intricate workings of MU Health Care’s operations and the strategic initiatives implemented to build a better future. I also look forward to building new relationships and positively impacting the community I serve.