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New Faculty Spotlight: Susana Quirós

Sept. 11, 2020

This is part of a New Faculty Spotlight series in which we introduce all new faculty members for the 2020-2021 academic year. See the full list of new faculty

What is your title with Health Professions?

My title is Assistant Teaching Professor and Internship Coordinator in the Department of Public Health.

What classes are you teaching this semester?

Social and Behavioral Health Theory and Practice, an undergraduate course.

What do you love about teaching?

I like that teaching encourages me to explain complex concepts in clear and concise ways.

Tell us a bit about yourself! What’s your background?

I have a PhD in Sociology and Demography from Penn State. I grew up in Costa Rica, and I lived in Cuba for four years. I miss Costa Rica’s weather – eternal spring.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy swimming and working out. I love spending quality time with my family. I also enjoy going for walks and reading.

Tell us about your research interests/area of focus. What made you interested in this area within your field?

I am interested in investigating the socioeconomic conditions that shape immigrants’ health and influence health care use. I am also interested in understanding how gender shapes family dynamics among Latinx families. In general, I am interested in social demography, health disparities, gender, and Latinx in the United States.

What are you most excited about in regards to the upcoming semester/working at Mizzou/your research?

I am very excited to learn more about the university, establishing new working relationships at the department, and learning new systems of learning, researching, and managing students.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I have a 13-month-old month son. His name is Enzo, and he is a sharp, beautiful, strong-willed, and energetic toddler who keeps me on my feet

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Susana Quiros

Susana Quiros

Assistant Teaching Professor and Internship Coordinator