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SLHS faculty, alumni to present at state convention

April 9, 2024

Numerous students, alumni, and faculty members from the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at the University of Missouri are set to attend and present at the Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s 65th Annual Meeting & Convention held April 11-14 in Osage Beach, Missouri.

The theme of this year’s convention is MSHA Momentum: Resilience, Reconnection, Reinvention. In addition to leading several sessions at the convention, representatives of Mizzou will defend their Quest for the Cup title on Saturday night. The event pits teams of university students against one another in a quiz bowl format to see who answers the most Praxis practice questions correctly.

Here are all of the MSHA events set to feature faculty and alumni of our SLHS department (the names of individuals with Mizzou connections are bolded):

Thursday, April 11

89 p.m.
Kelly Moore & Angie DeMoss, Lee’s Summit School District
“Show-Me Showdown:  SLP Share Session”

Friday, April 12

11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.
Abbie Pinnegar & Dee Telting, Mercy Hospital Springfield & MSU
“Taking it to the Next Level: Adding Specialty SLP Services”

45 p.m.
Sara Grzina, Katlynn Hecke, Carson Jones, Maryville University
“Interdisciplinary Feeding & Swallowing Team”

67 p.m.
Kate Parrish & Beth Kelley, MU
“A Trial Run of SUGAR: How Sweet Is it?”

6:307:30 p.m.
Michelle Dampf, MU Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopment
“TALK: SGD Lending Library and Caregiver Training

Saturday, April 13 

78 a.m.
Clarisa Whitener & Nicholas Smith, MU & Laura Fernandez Garcia, University of Almeria, Spain
“Cultural Universals and Differences in the Timing of Mother-Child Dialogue”

Camryn Schlup & Nicholas Smith, University of Missouri
“Temporal Overlap in Mother-Child Dialogue: Relation to Language Outcome”

Caroline Trump, Audrey Welhoff & Dee Telting, MSU
“Perceptions of Effectiveness of Group Accent Modification Treatment Strategies”

811 a.m.
Michelle Dampf, MU Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopment
“Social Language Groups for Neurodiverse Students:  Train the Trainer”

911:00 a.m.
Molly McGrady & Charity Shelton, Mercy Hospital Springfield
“Evaluation and Treatment of Cognitive Flexibility After Acquired Brain Injury”

11:15 a.m.12:15 p.m.
Christi Baker & Kayla O’Donnell, MU
“How to Handle Hard Conversations as a Speech-Language Pathologist”

2:304:30 p.m.
Megan Martin, Kelsie Lensing & Dana Fritz, MU
“Supervision Across the Generations”

Kennedy Hoelscher & Teresa Lever, MU
“Developing a Novel Tongue Exercise Paradigm Using Light Stimulation”

5–6 p.m.
Christi Baker, MU
“Student Networking Bootcamp”

Abby Isabelle, MU
“Teaching Outdoor Leisure Skills to Adolescents with Autism”

6:15–7:15 p.m.
Quest Tailgate

7:15-8:15 p.m.
Quest for the Cup
MU defends its 2023 win of the Quest for the Cup title.

8:15 p.m.
ZOU Bash
Mizzou students, faculty, and alumni are invited to come together at 64/65 Windgate in the Tan-Tar-A Estates to mingle and network with fellow Tigers.

Sunday, April 14

7:15–8:15 a.m.
Anna Scheperle, Reagan Barnett & Nicholas Smith, MU
“Temporal and Linguistic Overlap: Mother-Child Dialogue at 36 Months”

Madison McCully & Nicholas Smith, MU
“Maternal Sensitivity and Mother-Child Dialogue Timing”

Katherine Metzler & Nicholas Smith, MU
“Children’s Response Time in Dialogue: How Linguistic Complexity Influences Latency”

Poppy Rost & Stephanie Knollhoff, MU
“Speech-Language Pathologists Role in Diet Recommendations”

8–9:00 a.m.
Raina Bueno, Tori Specketer, Greta Roettgen, Columbia Public Schools
“Back to School: The Basics for New School SLPs”

8:3010:30 a.m.
Michael Jacezko & Stephanie Knollhoff, MU
“The Voice and Hormones in People Assigned Female at Birth”

Chloe Baker, Lauren Smith & Teresa Lever, MU
“Using Tickling to Detect Dysphonia in Rats with Laryngeal Paralysis”

9:1511:15 a.m.
Christi Baker & Carrie Clark, MU & Speech & Language Kids/SLP Solutions
“How to Ethically and Responsibly Use Social Media in our Profession”

10:15–11:15 a.m.
Michelle Dampf, MU Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopment
“ECHO Autism: Moving Knowledge, Not People”

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