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Why I give: Aneisa Sherrill-Mattox

March 1, 2022

Aneisa Sherrill-Mattox
Aneisa Sherrill-Mattox, MSW ’06

“I give because my social work colleagues and the veterans I serve inspire my passion  for learning and love of the profession. Those who have dedicated their lives on the front lines in defense of our mission, values and freedom deserve support in their endeavors to succeed. I give because I am a first-generation social worker, a first-generation college graduate and an eighth-generation veteran.

I also give because my social work education freed me from poverty, ignorance and inequality. Students entering a career in public service deserve our support, and I give to honor all the amazing social work colleagues with whom I am privileged to serve. I give because I am a social worker.”

— Aneisa Sherrill-Mattox, MSW ’06