Avery Utterson

, University of Missouri School of Health Professions Student Ambassador

Avery Utterson is from Denver. She is a Health Science major with an emphasis in health and wellness and looking to pursue a career in occupational therapy.

Avery’s biggest piece of advice would be to get involved on campus.

“There are so many different clubs and organizations to be a part of,” she says. “Getting involved on campus has helped me meet so many people and has given me some of my closest friends.”

In addition to being a student ambassador, Avery is also involved in the adaptive swim program and volunteers with children with disabilities in the community. She is also a part of Greek life and attends Veritas, a college ministry.

What made you choose Mizzou?

I chose Mizzou because I knew I wanted to go out of state and loved it when I came to tour. I thought the campus was so pretty and loved the town of Columbia. Also, because of the OT school here.

What should make students choose Mizzou?

I would encourage everyone to come to Mizzou! It is so pretty and there are so many different ways to get involved. I have made so many memories here and met some amazing people.

If you could give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen, what would it be?

I would tell all incoming freshmen to get involved and not be afraid to try new things. Getting involved on campus has been how I have met all my best friends and makes such a large school feel smaller.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study on campus is the student center. I love the sunlight that comes in the big windows and there are so many tables. My friends and I are always there doing homework or just hanging out!

What is your favorite ice cream/coffee shop in CoMo?

My favorite coffee shop is Toasty Goat. It has so many tables and plants and fun paintings and is a great place to work on homework or just catch up with a friend.