Eryn Ketel

Eryn Ketel

Eryn Ketel is from Springfield, Missouri. She is a Health Science major with an emphasis in Health and Wellness Services. After graduation, she plans to begin a career as an occupational therapist. 

“I chose Mizzou because it felt like home the moment I visited! I’m studying health science because not only does it fulfill the prerequisites for occupational therapy programs, but it is a versatile degree that’s shaping me into a well rounded health professional.” 

Eryn is involved in The Salt Company, a Christian campus ministry through Anthem Church. She is also a member of the honors college, TRiO, and was a Summer Welcome leader. 

What is your best advice for incoming Mizzou CHS students? 

I would advise all incoming CHS students to figure out what method works best for you to manage your time and assignments. I personally use google calendar, but other people use physical planners, a spreadsheet, sticky notes, etc. Time management is a key to success, so have a plan before it’s halfway through the semester and you have five missing assignments. 

What made you pursue a career in healthcare? 

Science classes were always my favorite in school, and I’ve always had a giving heart. Health care combined these two aspects of my personality so that I can make an impact in my patients lives practically but also on a human to human level. 

What is your favorite coffee spot in Columbia?

My favorite coffee shop in Columbia is Acola! The building is super cool and is filled with plants

What is your favorite Mizzou memory? 

My favorite Mizzou memory is from when we beat K-State in football and stormed the field afterward! It was sweet to see current students as well as alumni celebrating as one.