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Resumes and cover letters

Resumes and cover letters are essential components of professional development. Health Professions Career Services staff are always available to assist students in developing and perfecting these documents. To begin the process of creating your resume or cover letter, check out some of our downloadable templates below.

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Reasons to use a border on your resume

  • When you have a 1-inch margin all the way around your resume
  • When you have a lot of white space between sections or bullet points
  • When you have less resume content

Reasons not to use a border on your resume

  • When you have a ½ margin to a 1 inch margin on your resume
  • When you have so much resume content that spacing/sections look crowded – not using the border allows you to decrease the size of your margins to allow space for more content

How to add a border to your resume

Undergraduate programs resume examples

Graduate/professional programs resume examples

Transfer student resume examples

Health care student orgs and volunteer opportunities

Looking to get more involved and develop your resume? Learn more about Health Professions opportunities. Check MU Engage to explore all student organizations at Mizzou.