Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

DMU Bachelor’s degree clinical education

Clinical education

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (DMU) program is a 35-40 hours per week, 52 week per year clinical education program. The DMU program has over 25 clinical sites throughout the state of Missouri at which students are placed during their clinical training. Students will complete ultrasound clinical rotations at multiple medical facilities during their time in the DMU program.

Fieldwork and rotations

Students are responsible for all costs associated with clinical fieldwork, such as travel, living expenses, tuition, criminal background check, drug testing, and uniforms as required. Clinical experiences are scheduled in healthcare centers that have established affiliation agreements with the University of Missouri. Fieldwork placements are assigned by the clinical coordinator in a manner that ensure an equitable learning experience for all students. Placement at a specific facility or geographic location cannot be guaranteed.

DMU is a professional program including didactic, lab and clinical education components as follows:

SemesterYearDays and hoursDidactic
on campus
on campus
Clinical site
Summer15 days/week, 40+ hrsYesYesNo
Fall15 days/week, 40+ hrsYesYesNo
Spring15 days/week, 40+ hrsYesYesNo
Summer25 days/week, 40+ hrsNoNoYes, 5 days/week
Fall25 days/week, 40+ hrsYesYesYes, 4 days/week
Spring25 days/week, 40+ hrsYesYesYes, 3 days/week
Summer24 days/week, 32+ hrsNoNoYes, 4 days/week

Clinical coordinators will take student requests and preferences into account when assigning clinical placements but may ultimately place any student at any affiliated clinical site. A student’s refusal to accept a clinical placement may result in dismissal from the program. Out-of-state placement during the summer semester may be considered at the student’s request and the clinical coordinator’s discretion.