For current students

College of Health Sciences Scholars Program

About the program

The Health Sciences Scholars Program supports academic excellence and is intended for promising freshmen as they move into their sophomore year. This program provides a platform for students to engage in health care seminars, professional development and networking. Scholars have the opportunity to be paired with discipline-specific mentors and receive personalized guidance with intentional tutoring for academic support. The program focuses on preparing scholars to be application-ready for their chosen CHS program.

The program has various activities for each participation year. These might include:

  • Exclusive seminars on health care, professional development and networking.
  • Program-specific mentors who are experienced health care professionals or advanced students in post-graduate/undergraduate professional programs providing personalized guidance and insights.
  • Intentional tutoring support for scholars from sophomore year to graduation.
  • Support toward applying for focus-specific programs.
Who should apply and when?

Qualifying students may apply during the second semester of their freshman year and participate in the program during their sophomore year. Students planning to apply for the Doctor of Physical Therapy or Master of Public Health programs will participate during both their sophomore and junior years.

Priority application deadline is early April. Students are strongly encouraged to apply by the April priority application deadline. Secondary rolling applications may be accepted during the summer, but they are not guaranteed.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants will be selected based on a variety of characteristics. The ideal candidate for the program will:

  • Be a College of Health Sciences student in good academic standing.
  • Have completed one semester of coursework and be able to indicate a need for wraparound services.
  • Demonstrate or express a willingness to participate fully in the Health Sciences Scholars Program.
  • Share lived experiences on how they might benefit from the CHS Scholars Program and how they personally may contribute to a more inclusive learning environment and profession.
Maintaining requirements
  • Scholars are expected to communicate with their matched mentors, if one is assigned, at least once per month.
  • Scholars are expected to communicate with their appointed faculty advisor at least once per semester.
  • Scholars are expected to attend academic tutoring provided through the program.
  • Other support activities will be coordinated with scholars for optimal timing.
  • Scholars must comply with the academic and behavioral standards for focus-specific programs.
  • Scholars are strongly encouraged to explore CHS student organizations.

To successfully complete the program, students must achieve academic benchmarks before applying to focus-specific programs as well as complete the required mentoring activities.

Support our program

College of Health Sciences pathway programs provide support for students who intend to apply to a graduate-level program in the health professions. The program focuses providing wraparound services like mentoring and professional development for students who traditionally may be less familiar with access to graduate school preparation. Your gift enables these programs to continue, and makes it possible for us to launch programs for students headed to other disciplines. Thank you!