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2020 Department of Health Sciences Awards

May 22, 2020

This year, six individuals were recognized within the Department of Health Sciences. Awards were given to those who exemplify dedication, excellence and passion as students and mentors.

Congratulations to Danielle Lautenbach, Madison Dush, Mackenzie Hogan, Austin Brawley, Uttaraa Jadha and Carolyn Orbann!

Truman Award: Danielle Lautenbach

The Truman Award recognizes a student who has demonstrated the strength of character and determination that is exemplary of a Missouri Tiger. As the recipient of this award you are recognized for successfully overcoming obstacles while pursuing your education.

According to her nomination letter, “Danielle is always willing to serve and show compassion to all those around her. Danielle’s willingness to serve and motivate those around her, makes others want to hold themselves to a higher standard.”

Academic Achievement Award: Madison Dush

This award recognizes a student who demonstrates academic excellence in all aspects of the curriculum, including grades, classroom participation and outside learning opportunities.

According to her nomination letter, “Madison has excellent critical thinking and written and verbal communication through submitting high quality work. Additionally, it is Madison’s kindness to students and faculty that shows her compassion, empathy, thoughtfulness.”

Spirit of Achievement Award: Mackenzie Hogan

The recipient of this award demonstrates unwavering positivity toward the program and his or her career goals; a supportive attitude toward peers; and service to others within the program. This student is an outstanding representative of DHS, SHP, and MU within the local and distant community.

According to her nomination letter, “Mackenzie is posed, respectful, and organized. She is driven to excel and achieve. Nevertheless, Mackenzie views serving others as a privilege, which is evident in the way she represents SHP and other organizations.

Intern of the Year Award: Austin Brawley

This award recognizes a student who demonstrates a strong commitment to professional development as a student intern enrolled in Health Sciences 4975. The recipient is open to feedback, promotes a positive working environment, and seeks opportunities for growth while advancing the organization’s mission.

According to his nomination letter, “Austin has both dedication and enthusiasm for his work all while maintaining professionalism needed in a governmental office. Austin has also received positive feedback from constitutes who interact with him.”

Supervisor of the Year Award: Uttaraa Jadha

This award recognizes individuals who, as internship supervisors, demonstrate outstanding commitment to student learning and development.

According to her nomination letter, “Uttara is an integral part for the success of the India study abroad trip. She used her contacts to ensure students have a quality, immersive site and homestay experience. Because of Uttaraa’s detailed and thoughtful placements and excursions, students have a rich and culturally rewarding experience.”

Faculty Member of the Year Award: Carolyn Orbann

This award recognizes an outstanding DHS faculty or staff member who has made a significant impact on students and the university through teaching, research, mentorship, service, and/or professional development. This individual is committed to the department’s mission and seeks every opportunity to advance that mission among students and the academic community.

According to her nomination letter, “Dr. Orbann teaches in a way for students to learn but to also make their own decisions. She asks thought provoking questions to expand students cross cultural learning. Dr. Orbann combines teaching and researching and goes above and beyond for her students and mentees.”

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