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2021 Ambassador Award Winners

May 26, 2021

May 26, 2021

The School of Health Professions is pleased to announce the 2021 Health Professions Student Ambassador award winners, who were recognized at a banquet earlier this month.

“Every year I am impressed and inspired by the enthusiastic and seemingly tireless service our ambassadors give to the School of Health Professions, but the recipients of our annual awards are true standouts,” said Cheri Ghan, student recruitment coordinator and ambassadors’ supervisor. “They help us get more outstanding students and make us feel very good about the next generation of health care professionals.”

Congratulations to these outstanding ambassadors!

Taylor Heizer

Excellence Award

Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences (Radiography)

Imperial, Missouri

Abby Lewis

Responsibility Award

Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences (Pre-Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound)

Normal, Illinois

Mackenzie Krebill

Responsibility Award

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Naomi Hibbler

Respect Award

Health Science (Rehabilitation Science)

Elgin, Illinois

Garrett Johnson

Discovery Award

Health Science (Rehabilitation Science)

Fulton, Missouri

Chloe Brewer

Step Up and Lead Award

Social Work

Kahoka, Missouri

Lexie Chirpich

Leadership Award

Health Science (Rehabilitation Science)

Kansas City, Missouri

Carly Bailey

2021 Ambassador of the Year

Health Science (Rehabilitation Science)

Otterville, Missouri

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Student Ambassador Award Descriptions

The University of Missouri holds these values as the base for our community: Respect, Discovery, Responsibility, and Excellence. The Student Ambassador Leadership Team recognizes members who through their service embody these statements:


Respect for one’s self and for others is the foundation of honor and the basis of integrity. Respect is demonstrated by a commitment to act ethically, to welcome difference and to engage in open exchange about both ideas and decisions. The ambassadors who receive this award are key in our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive community in the School of Health Professions.


Learning requires trust in the process of discovery. Therefore, the university must support all its members in this lifelong process that is both challenging and rewarding. The ambassadors who receive this award are dedicated to helping others explore their own potential pathways and options in their development, typically having been down this road themselves.


A sense of responsibility requires careful reflection on one’s moral obligations. Caring and service, stepping up to support the goals of the team are important traits of health care professionals in any setting. The ambassadors who receive this award are active, engaged volunteers who offer a significant amount of service to the School of Health Professions.


We aspire to an excellence that is approached through diligent effort, both individual and collective. Pursuing excellence means being satisfied with no less than the highest goals we can envision. We commit ourselves to this process in an ethical and moral manner. The ambassadors who receive this award embody the traits of all the others and consistently deliver those at the highest level.

Step Up and Lead

This award is presented to the outstanding junior ambassador and recognizes significant service through participation in prospective student events, dedication to learning about the School of Health Professions and ambassador best practices, and team commitment in their first semester of service as an ambassador. The ambassador who receives this award is the junior ambassador of the year.

Leadership Award

This award is presented to the outstanding senior ambassador and recognizes significant service and leadership by an ambassador with more than one year of service on the team. Leadership is recognized as managing a special project or coordinating an event directly aimed at the recruitment of new students to the School of Health Professions. The recipient may also collaborate with members of faculty or staff of the school or the Office of Admissions in the execution of the project or event.

Ambassador of the Year

The Ambassador of the Year award recognizes absolute excellence and extraordinary commitment in all aspects of service as a member of the Student Ambassador Leadership Team. The ambassadors who receive this award are recognized by the other team members as an excellent role model and mentor for all ambassadors.