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2021 Health Professions Faculty and Staff Awards

June 11, 2021

On Thursday morning, Health Professions faculty and staff gathered at the school’s Inclusive Playground to celebrate and recognize the individuals whose hard work helped make the previous school year successful. Each year, the awards committee selects recipients for school-wide awards after reading the nominations. Congratulations to all the recipients! Thank you for your contributions to our school.

Lea Ann Lowery

Clinical Professor, Occupational Therapy
Faculty Fellow for Interprofessional Education

Faculty Engagement Award

“Lea Ann has seemingly never faced a challenge. Instead of seeing a roadblock, she embraces the opportunity to teach and serve. It is her commitment to overcome barriers that makes her so successful.” – Teresa Briedwell, Associate Department Chair, Physical Therapy

Kelli Canada

Associate Professor and Associate Director for Research, Social Work
Director, Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic

Excellence in Clinical Service

“Kelli is an exemplar of dedication to clinical education and services, who works tirelessly to train students each year.” – Erin Robinson, Assistant Professor, Social Work

Tommy Thomas III

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Health Professions

Inclusive Excellence Award

“Tommy is dedicated to the concept of inclusive excellence and remains positive, engaging, and seemingly tireless. He diligently works to educate students, faculty and staff on what inclusive excellence means, and how we can improve upon it in our school.” – Cheri Ghan, Recruitment Coordinator

Enid Schatz

Professor and Department Chair, Public Health

Excellence in Education Award

“Enid specifically deserves this award right now because of her educational creativity, innovation, and leadership amid COVID. Her efforts have helped to ensure that students and Missourians understand COVID and that the School of Health Professions’ Department of Public Health is a leader in community education.” – Michelle Teti, Associate Professor, Public Health

Ashley Givens

Assistant Professor, Social Work

Excellence in Education – Early Career Award

“Ashley uses the most recent pedagogical and andragogical evidence to revise her approach to teaching social work students each semester, which means her teaching and her courses are always evolving. Her students leave her classroom ready to change lives as they serve their clients.” – Ginny Ramseyer-Winter, Assistant Professor, Social Work

Luke Gorham

Career Services Coordinator, Health Professions

Dean’s Service Award

“Luke helps ease the oftentimes overwhelming burden of finding and applying for a job. After his presentations, the feedback from our students is always positive, and they feel much more prepared to apply and interview for positions.” – Dana Fritz, Clinical Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Melissa Bedford

Program Manager, Public Health

Bridge Builder Award

“Melissa’s organization and communication skills are superb, and her attitude is relentlessly positive when it comes to adapting to change and problem solving. She thinks ahead and creatively about building public health on campus, which helps our program and ultimately, the community’s well-being.” – Michelle Teti, Associate Professor, Public Health

Adrianne Frech

Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Lewis and Clark Discovery Award 

“Adrianne teaches the most demanding course in the Health Sciences Department, and still receives the highest student evaluations. Students often speak of how much they learn about the research method and how much they appreciate her teaching.” – Botswana Blackburn, Associate Chair, Health Sciences

Crystal Null

Student Support Specialist II, Social Work

Core Values Award

“It is not one action that makes her right for this honor. It is all the ways that she problem solves to make her own and others work easier, faster, and more accurate. She is an innovator, leader, amazingly brave, hardworking, loyal, and resilient. She is committed to the School of Social Work’s success and has demonstrated that repeatedly during the past year.” – Carol Snively, Program Director, Master of Social Work

Brad Willis

Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Scholarly Activity, Physical Therapy

Early Career Award

“Brad is a model of someone whose early achievements in scholarship, mentoring, teaching and service have significantly advanced the mission of the School of Health Professions at the University of Missouri. He stands out as a mentor that students turn to, he integrates original research and primary work into his teaching, and helps promote a culture of inquiry at SHP and beyond.” – Evan Prost, Associate Teaching Professor

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