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Department of Health Sciences recognizes outstanding students, staff and faculty

June 5, 2024

The Department of Health Sciences is pleased to announce 2024 award recipients.

Spirit of Achievement

Erin E. Drummond, BHS ’24

The recipient of this award demonstrates unwavering positivity toward the program and student(s) career goals. Additionally, the recipient has demonstrated a supportive attitude toward his/her/their peers and service to others within the program. This student is an outstanding representative of the department, college and university within the local and distant community.

Erin Drummond

Intern of the Year

Isabella McCartney, BHS ’24

The recipient of this award demonstrates a strong commitment to professional development as a student intern enrolled in Health Sciences 4975. The recipient is open to feedback, promotes a positive work environment, and seeks opportunities for growth while advancing the organization’s mission.

Isabella McCartney

Distance Learning Award

Madi Declue, BHS ’24

The recipient of this award demonstrates a strong commitment to success while pursuing his/her/their educational goals outside the traditional campus setting. Additionally, the recipient is an outstanding representative of the program within his/her/their local community.

Madi Declue

Truman Award

Victoria Franklin, BHS ’24

The Truman Award recognizes a student who has demonstrated the strength of character and determination that is exemplary of a Missouri Tiger. The recipient of this award has successfully overcome obstacles while pursuing his/her/their education.

Academic Achievement

Cayce Rose, BHS ’24

The recipient of this award demonstrates academic excellence in all aspects of the Health Sciences curriculum, including grades, classroom participation, research involvement, and/or lab work. The recipient takes full advantage of educational experiences in class, on campus, and beyond.

Staff Member of the Year

Jessica Hosey, EdD

Jessica Hosey

Faculty Member of the Year

Idethia Shevon Harvey, PhD

Idethia Shevon Harvey

Featured in this post

Idethia Shevon Harvey

Idethia Shevon Harvey

Associate Professor

Jessica Hosey

Jessica Hosey

Senior Program and Project Support Coordinator