As a Mizzou student, you can can request a mentor to offer educational advice, career guidance and networking.

Professional mentor program

The professional mentor program pairs graduates and friends of DHS with students who are looking for educational advice, career guidance and networking opportunities.

Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity for alumni who appreciate their Health Sciences education and want to give back by helping future graduates.

Individuals interested in mentoring should create a profile thorough the Mizzou Alumni Association’s mentoring program. The form will ask you which school or college with which you are affiliated. Please select HP (Health Professions). The profile also gives you the option of uploading a resume, listing your interests and indicating how much time you have to dedicate to this program. We ask that you have a year to dedicate to your DHS mentee. If you have time and are able to mentor more than one student, you can indicate that on your profile as well.

Health Sciences students will also complete a profile. While the Mizzou Mentoring website allows mentees to select their own mentor, we use your information to guide them in selecting a compatible mentor who is affiliated with DHS.

As a mentor, you have the option to approve a mentee when they select you. We will send you information on the student who will be selecting you so you know this is a DHS student affiliate with this program.