Internal research funding

Catalyst Award

The Catalyst Award provides funding for research projects that enhance the scholarly activities of SHP faculty and improve the success of extramural grant applications. The Catalyst Award is designed to provide funding for research projects that will be used as pilot data for extramural grant proposals. Awards of up to $5,000 may be requested. Applications can be submitted any time. Guidelines listed below.

Advancement of Older Adults — Pilot Research Program

Internal research award competition to support collection of pilot data that will lead to the submission of R01 or equivalent level external grant application. The overall goal of research must be to support health, quality of life, and/or independence for older adults. Awards up to $50,000 may be requested.

Roger W. Williams Research Grant

Roger S. Williams Research Grants are awarded to support basic and clinical research that will improve, either directly or indirectly, the rehabilitation of individuals who have sustained neurological injury. Priority will be given to studies related to stroke or traumatic brain injury. Of particular interest are projects that will lead to successful applications for external support. Awards of up to $15,000 may be requested.

View grant application instructions in Canvas (authentication required)