Physical Therapy

Pre-PT Scholars Program

The University of Missouri Department of Physical Therapy (MU DPT) in the College of Health Sciences strives to foster an inclusive and diverse community of people and abilities. As part of a land-grant institution, the MU DPT program is committed to preparing graduates to serve diverse communities and an evolving profession. A body of students with a variety of personal characteristics including differing identities, abilities, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives contributes to a beneficial learning environment for all students. MU DPT places emphasis on graduating students who not only reflect academic excellence but also are prepared to work with and serve people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Pre-PT Scholars Program (PPS) is a pathway development program supporting Mizzou undergraduate students focused on improving access to a doctor of physical therapy (PT) program. Some students may face challenges in being well-prepared for a graduate school admissions process. Disparities based on access to resources, exposure, and knowledge necessary to prepare for admissions processes may limit a student’s ability to successfully apply to PT school. Students who may benefit from wraparound services such as mentoring and professional development are encouraged to apply. The program helps connect students with opportunities for academic tutoring, PT observation hours, faculty advising, mentoring, professional skill development, and more. Informed by the research, the support model has been shown to help students who traditionally may be less familiar with graduate school and the preparation process to prepare academically and professionally for PT school.

“PPS helped me confidently prepare for the demands of PT school application by narrowing and focusing my undergraduate efforts. Anita made sure I was a well-rounded applicant, Abbey mentored me through the entire process, and the network of faculty and other scholars provided a support system. Without a doubt, PPS has been the most engaging and helpful organization in preparing me for PT school.” — Jason Jiang

Nia Lowery

“I believe that this program helped me determine further what path I wanted to take and, more importantly, provided me with the knowledge, confidence, and network I needed to begin my career journey. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of this program.” — Nia Lowry

Jason Calderon

“Pre-PT Scholars is a gateway to new opportunities, if you choose to take advantage of it. I’ve met faculty and alumni who have been in my shoes and who want to help me. It also helped me build long-lasting relationships and a network with mentors who introduced me to strength and conditioning.” — Jason Calderon

MU DPT is committed to helping foster a more inclusive and equitable learning environment and profession.  On-campus students who have completed at least one semester of college coursework are encouraged to apply. 

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College of Health Sciences pathway programs provide support for students who intend to apply to a graduate-level program in the health professions. The program focuses providing wraparound services like mentoring and professional development for students who traditionally may be less familiar with access to graduate school preparation. Your gift enables these programs to continue, and makes it possible for us to launch programs for students headed to other disciplines. Thank you!