Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

The Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at the University of Missouri is proud of its long and distinguished history and of the high quality of its graduates, students, faculty, and staff. We have one of the oldest continually accredited programs in speech-language pathology in the nation and we offer the only PhD program in speech-language pathology in Missouri. Our faculty, students and staff actively follow the University of Missouri’s nondiscrimination policy.

Mission statement

The mission of the MU Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences is to provide outstanding educational and research programs in the areas of language, speech, and hearing (including physiological, acoustic, perceptual, linguistic, cognitive, and social processes) and in the diagnosis and treatment of the spectrum of communication disorders. The department prioritizes the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our programs, curriculum, and clinical activities as we strive to prepare professionals who are culturally aware and culturally responsive.

Our professional training program is designed to develop thoughtful clinicians who can engage in creative and flexible problem-solving on the basis of their ability to find and understand relevant information, to critically evaluate information, to integrate information across content areas, and to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts.

Strategic plan

The strategic plan currently in place helps ensure the continued excellence of the Department’s master’s program. The specific goals and objectives of the strategic plan are used to guide our department in maintaining our strengths and capitalizing on opportunities for continued growth. The key elements of the strategic plan are:

Teaching and Learning:

  • Increasing emphasis on interprofessional education in didactic and clinical teaching
  • Increasing SLHS faculty communication about course content across the curriculum
  • Continuing to develop practices to support all students completing the MHS
  • Increasing faculty participation in teaching excellence activities
  • Increasing opportunities for students to explore research


  • Increasing scholarly success of faculty members in terms of grant funding, scientific publications, and interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Increasing national recognition of the department and faculty

Clinical Training and Community Service:

  • Maintaining clinical excellence
  • Expanding opportunities for clinical experiences

Operational Excellence:

  • Promoting professional development opportunities, recognition of excellence, and opportunities for faculty and staff engagement
  • Promoting and supporting an environment of inclusion, equity and diversity within SLHS

Student Recruiting, Admission, & Retention:

  • Attracting and retaining quality MHS students reflecting the diversity of our society
  • Continuing to promote and pursue initiatives to support an environment valuing diversity, inclusivity, and the academic success of all students

Focusing on these key elements in recent years has already allowed the program to meet several short-range goals and will continue to guide the program toward our long-range goals. With this strategic plan in place, our MHS program continues to maintain its stature in higher education.

If you would like additional information regarding our strategic plan, please let us know. Our program welcomes feedback from all interested.