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School of Social Work announces new administrative team

Jan. 21, 2021

Aaron Thompson, the newly appointed Director of the School of Social Work, announced a new administrative team following his appointment.

Carol Snively, associate teaching professor, will serve as the associate director of the School of Social Work. As associate director, Dr. Snively will assist Dr. Thompson with educational programs, student affairs, faculty teaching affairs and development of strategic initiatives to advance the school. She will also represent the school in the director’s absence. Dr. Snively will remain in her role as the Master of Social Work program director.

“I have enormous respect for Dr. Snively,” Dr. Thompson said. “Her depth of institutional knowledge, knowledge of the CSWE accreditation standards, and her leadership on the School of Social Work budget task force have all been testimony to the fact that she is a real asset to our school.”

Kelli Canada, associate professor, has been named director of the SSW doctoral program in addition to her roles as associate director for research and director of the Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic.

“Dr. Canada has successfully built a culture of research and provided the necessary guidance, mentorship, and support to all of us to be successful,” Dr. Thompson said.

Christine Woods, assistant teaching professor, will remain the director of the Bachelor of Social Work program.

“Professor Woods wants to see the BSW program grow,” Dr. Thompson said. “Her work with me on our transition to the School of Health Professions showed she has excellent leadership skills as well as a compassionate take on what we need to do lead our school forward.”

Congratulations to Dr. Snively, Dr. Canada and Professor Woods!

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Carol Snively

Carol Snively

Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Associate Teaching Professor

Kelli Canada

Kelli Canada

Associate Director of Research and Associate Professor

Christine Woods

Christine Woods

Assistant Teaching Professor

Aaron Thompson

Aaron M. Thompson

Director and Professor, School of Social Work