Occupational Therapy

OTA cost and aid

Program length74 credit hours of OTA course work
Tuition: Missouri residents$39,502.70**
Tuition: Non-Missouri residents$85,615**
Books and supplies$1,032/year

** These costs include tuition for the professional part of the OTA program only and do not include prerequisite and other coursework that students have completed prior to entry into OTA coursework. Mandatory student fees include the informational technology fee, student health fee, recreation center fee, and student activity fee. Additional information can be found on the University of Missouri Cashiers Office website

*Non-Missouri residents can apply for Missouri residency status while they are in the program. The majority of out-of-state students in our program have qualified for in-state tuition after at least a year in our program. 

According to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), cost of attendance is defined as the total estimated cost for one academic year before financial aid is applied, which includes books, supplies, transportation and housing and food allowances in addition to the tuition and student fees. Estimated indirect expenses are included to aid in calculating the cost of attending MUOT. These may vary based on your personal choices. 

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