School of Social Work

Applying for the Integrative Behavioral Health grant

Practicum site information

The MU School of Social Work partners with IBH agencies across the state to offer student practicums.

Practicum site grant requirements:

  • You must be able to provide direct patient/client behavioral healthcare services
  • You must participate in interprofessional, team-based care with one or more other health discipline(s)

Some examples of where students have completed practicums in the past include, but are not limited to: Community Mental Health Centers, psychiatric hospitals, SUD residential treatment, primary care clinics with integrated care, schools, prisons, some hospital units, and MU Student Health Center.

All practicums must have an emphasis in behavioral health treatment, rather than primarily case management. Not always, but many times acute care medical facilities serving adult patients do not qualify for the grant as much of the work done by SW is discharge planning and not behavioral health focused. Similarly, if you want to be placed in a school setting, the focus must be strong behavioral health work such as individual and group counseling for students. Please consider this when deciding about applying for the grant.

You can visit these websites for a list of IBH CMHC HealthCare Homes or Missouri Primary Care Health Homes throughout Missouri where grantees can potentially complete practicums. Please note that grantees are not limited to completing practicum in one of these settings — these are just a few potential options.

Grantee responsibilities

  • Complete practicum at an agency providing behavioral healthcare in an interprofessional, team-based care setting.
  • Grantees are strongly encouraged to work with persons in rural, vulnerable and/or high need communities.
  • Participate in surveys necessary for grant data collection
  • Participate in grant sponsored training events as your schedule allows
  • Grantees are strongly encouraged (but not required) to take elective SW 7220: Advanced Practice in Integrated Health Care in the fall semester (This course DOES NOT count as a clinical selective).
  • Grantees are encouraged (but not required) to seek employment after graduation working with populations across the lifespan in high need and high demand areas


Applications for Spring 2025 Advanced Placement Practicum are due by midnight May 31, 2024.

Award recipients will be selected and notified mid-to-late June. Contingent on award approvals, funding will be available for up to 17 students to be awarded a $10,000 stipend each.

Apply now

Stipends will be paid to grantees in equal installments monthly from December 2022–May 2023. Please note that the stipend you receive may have an impact on your financial aid award. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Mizzou financial aid department at 573-882-7506. For information on stipends and taxability, please see the HSS Grants Policy Statement.

If you are considering applying, but have questions please contact:

Alicia Dotzler, MSW
MU School of Social Work
HRSA BHWET Integrated Health Grant
Project Coordinator