School of Social Work

Social justice minor

The social justice minor is designed to give non-social work majors the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding about social justice in the person-environment context. Social justice involves the idea that in a perfect world, all citizens would have identical social benefits, rights, protections, and opportunities regardless of their backgrounds and membership in diverse groups.

Recognizing that the world is not perfect, the primary goals for the minor in social justice are to enhance sensitivity to vulnerable and at-risk populations, to provide opportunity for critical review of social policies and the allocation of societal resources, and to stimulate interest in advocacy and the planned change process.

In accordance with RSMO 337.600 regarding title protection, students who complete the social justice minor are not considered professional social workers and may not refer to themselves as BSW-level social workers upon graduation.

Completing the social justice minor

Students must complete course requirements (minimum of 15 credit hours). Students must earn a grade of C- or higher and maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA in minor courses.

Course work

Learn about required courses and electives for the minor in social justice.

Declare a minor

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