School of Social Work faculty are engaged in the development, dissemination, and application of knowledge for clinical practice, service delivery, and policy development. Our research has contemporary relevance to advance the mission of the school and the social work profession, and to local, national, and international issues.

Research areaFaculty
Mental health needs of vulnerable populationsKelli Canada
Information systems in human service organizationsDale Fitch
Gerontology — aging in placeErin Robinson
Gerontology — care transitions and discharge planningKelli Canada
HomelessnessHsun-Ta Hsu
Adolescent transition to adulthood (focus on individuals in state care)Clark Peters
Body image and healthVirginia Ramseyer Winter
School-based interventionsAndy Frey
Aaron Thompson
Interpersonal violenceSarah Myers Tlapek
Kathleen Preble
Religiousness, spirituality, theory of knowledgeDong Pil Yoon
Health risk behaviorsMansoo Yu
Criminal and juvenile justiceKelli Canada
Clark Peters
Addressing the needs of justice-involved early adultsAshley Givens
group of friends with diverse body types take a selfi

Center for Body Image Research and Policy

Interdisciplinary center built around the goal to improve body image, health and wellness

Center for Children and Families Across Cultures

Scholars studying children and families of diverse backgrounds

statue of lady justice holding scales against blue sky

Collaborative for Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities

Research and education to improve our justice system

Missouri Prevention Science Institute

Community members and researchers helping schools and families